Atlantis Power Plant was created as part of a school project by a team of 4. The idea behind APP is a puzzle game that adds in tower-defense style elements for a fast-paced game that can be enjoyed by min-maxers and casual players alike.

Play through 10 levels as you work to revive Atlantis by restoring power to its defenses and warding off the denizens of the deep which seek to keep the power of Atlantis buried beneath the sea.

This game was created with Unity3D (Version 5.6).

APP is content complete but is ultimately still in need of some debugging.

Due to file sizes, the game may take some time to load the web player. The downloadable .zip file is provided as an alternative.

Changed Web Player from Unity Web Player to WebGL to support more browsers.
Due to memory constraints, the game may take longer to load on 32-bit browsers.

UI Elements seem broken with the conversion to WebGL.
Recover images for player controls and for OnClick effects
Reduce unused assets to optimize load times. Current load time: ~15s

Install instructions

Files are stored in a zipped folder. The .exe file must be in the same location as the DATA folder.


Download 195 MB

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